PocketXpdf is a no-frills viewer for native PDF files for the Pocket PC platform. The rendering engine is a port of Xpdf. PocketXpdf has been tested on an ASUS MyPal running Windows Mobile 2003 and on a Dell Axim X51v running Windows Mobile 5. It has not been tested on earlier versions, so it cannot be guaranteed that it will work on these systems. The Screenshots on this page are taken from the Windows Mobile 2003 SE and Windows Mobile 5 emulators provided with Visual Studio.


Screenshot VGA Portrait
Screenshot QVGA Portrait
Screenshot QVGA Portrait Reflow
Screenshot VGA Landscape
Screenshot QVGA Landscape
Screenshot QVGA Landscape Fullscreen

Known bugs and limitations


  1. Download the CAB file below, copy it to your device, and run it. PocketXpdf installs automatically.
  1. Download the ZIP file below, unpack it and copy the resulting files anywhere on your device. The included fonts are a subset of the Ghostscript Fonts.
  2. If you like, you can create a shortcut to the PocketXpdf executable in your \Windows\Start Menu\Programs folder for easier access.


Source code and CVS

Source code of stable versions can be found at the Sourceforge download page. Current development versions are provided via CVS.

Version History

Version Changes
  • Bookmarks, manually defined or automatic for recently used files
  • More flexible button mapping
  • The following page is pre-rendered in the background while viewing a page
  • Doubleclick in the outline view opens the respective page
Bug Fixes:
  • "Blank pages" after returning from standby should no longer occur
  • Opening PDF files via file explorer or in email attachments now works even if PocketXpdf is running in the background
  • CAB file installation to memory card is now possible
  • CAB-file for automatic installation
  • Support for password-protected PDFs
  • New zoom tool - drag a rectangle around the area to zoom
  • Text search
  • Outline view (for PDFs that support it)
  • Improved scrolling (including optional page change)
  • Reduced size of the binary (UPX-compression)
  • More...

Bug fixes:
  • Removed flickering when scrolling
  • Enabled file association for email attachments
  • More graceful handling when out of memory ;-)
  • More...
  • Fonts may be placed in the application directory and are included in the main download package
  • Minor bug fixes
  • Optional  full screen mode
  • Rotate page ("landscape")
  • Text-only view (great for low res displays)
  • Optional scroll bars
  • Wait message during rendering
  • Initial public version


PocketXpdf is licensed under the GPL. Source code is available.


Please send bug reports, feature wishes, and questions to pocketxpdf@sebastian-eifert.de or use the forums and trackers on the PocketXpdf Project Page.

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